July 21st, 2014

A message to clients and consultants: 

So there are different parts to the recruitment process, some we like, some we don’t. Fine tuning how we approach these elements is key to developing and growing WITH your clients.

Meet the Parents

Nobody really likes doing new business. New business is like meeting your partner’s parents for the first time…

You want to make a good impression. At first they may like you, but you most certainly won’t be in the circle of trust; so be prepared for a grilling. They probably preferred the Ex but stick at it. Prove yourself. If it’s worth it and you do what you say you will… some day you could be part of the family. you have the trust of a client and they want you to partner with them and help them grow, this is where it can get really interesting. We all have favourite clients, companies we like to take to market, the ones we’d work for if we were the candidate. Some clients will welcome you with open arms, whereas others treat you as a necessary evil.

One thing we’ve found here at Zulu Bravo is that nurturing the clients who are more cooperative is often better business than fleecing the ones who keep you at arm’s length. Don’t forget, we work for free until we make a placement so work smart, focus where you have the best lines of communication. If you enjoy recruiting for them, you will probably be better at it.

All Hands On Deck

A great way to deepen your ability to sell a client to a candidate and to fill more roles is to regularly educate yourself on their business. You can do this yourself, but why not get help?

Zulu Bravo have a number of great clients that invite us in and present their sales decks to us. Some go through their platform presentations, explain their tech and new products. Having a great digital business tell you how they work with agencies, clients and partners empowers you to educate candidates on what to expect. They know in detail how they will be supported if they join and where the business can take their career.

Keep Up

In the media world of technology and content it is hard to stay in the loop, almost impossible. There is always something new on the market, social, mobile, video, tablet… a constantly moving flow of progress. I personally won’t change my phone from Samsung because it would be like learning to read all over again! Think about it, what phone do you have? Iphone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry… for most of us converting from one to another is like asking us to go from driving a car to a bus! I could do it, but I’d rather not!

That’s how fast technology is moving. So keep up!

This is especially true in recruitment. One minute you’re talking about creative the next programmatic, operations, multi-platform from junior to senior level, all in one morning! You need to be sharp and know the lay of land, at very least for your clients.

Get your trusted clients (or candidates for that matter) to pimp you into that expert you need to be. Present their decks, discuss the market, have a Q and A with your team, anything to help make you an extension of their brand, almost capable of working for them! I know countless recruitment consultants who end up joining their best clients as a sales person. I’ve seen it happen in media owners, video platforms and mobile to name a few. Why? Because they were good enough, not just to recruit for them, but to actually do the jobs they were hiring for!

Make it Count

The better candidates in the market get headhunted weekly, if not daily. Make sure when you get your chance to speak to them about your client you can passionately define WHY they should listen to you over the next guy. If your client appreciates the importance of this, if they are willing to work with you to make sure that moment is fully utilised to promote their business, then you have a great shot at being a success.

If they aren’t willing to help make you the expert you need to be… then maybe it’s time to meet the next set of parents!

James Moran –


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