Now? How about Now?

August 26th, 2014


Choosing the right time to start your job search is a common subject job hunters deliberate internally for some time.

There are certainly times in the year when people feel that mentally it is the right time to start looking, most commonly post summer and the New Year. This is when people tend to do a lot of life reflection and not surprisingly career is near the top of that list if not the summit; together with the usual, is “Barry” or “Kathy” right for them? City flat or country cottage? Do they want to rear a human? Periods of reflection naturally lead to change.

People who are more committed to moving may look during the warmer months to beat the post summer rush and will search before the big guy delivers to avoid the January blues stampede.

In truth, there is no perfect time to look for a new role. It really depends on the individual and their own situation. Only you will know when it’s the right time to leave and begin your pursuit.

Obviously other than going with your gut there are things you can do which will help you make sure your head matches your heart:

  1. Stay in touch with consultants. They may just have access to your next role and with the right amount of effort from both parties, are an essential part of your job hunting armoury
  2. Because you’re worth it. Keep an eye out for salary benchmarks. These tend to be released by the industry press fairly regularly and it’s a good way to see how you compare to your peers and what you should be aiming for.
  3. It’s good to talk. Stay in touch with as many industry people as you can. You never know where a simple chat or a chance meeting may lead.

You should always feel that whichever moment you choose to make a change that it feels comfortable and correct. There is of course always an element of risk in making a move but that’s true of any change from the norm.

When you know, you know.

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