Title Account Manager
Categories Campaign Management, Client Services, Media Agency-Cross Media/ Offline
Location London UK

Our Client 

Our Client is a leading global marketing and media services

The role

This role sits within the Media Planning Team (MPT). The MPT take an approved Strategy, Target Audience insight and Comms Platform from the Strategy team and are then responsible for working with our specialists across all disciplines in order to develop fully integrated media plans.

The MPT are tasked with delivering market leading media plans that truly demonstrate the value of integration …. and win us awards. 

The Media Planner must be able to explain both the art and science of their POE plan.

Art: is the understanding of the modern media landscape that allows us to be more creative, use more platforms and combine the collective power of channels, media partners and technology to deliver unique plans that win awards

Science: is the demonstration through numbers that this POE plan will impact the clients business against its core metrics of brand performance and sales.  The science is critical to justifying why every element of the plan is worth more as a whole than alone.  The MPT need to learn why and how a POE plan would work better.  They need to understand how paid drives owned and earned so that we can predict results.

The Account Manager in the MPT is responsible for the day to day management of the POE plan.  The AM will be charged with leading the implementational planning process alongside working on client focused initiatives aimed at improving our understanding of how channels best connect together as well as working with new and emerging technology providers in order to see how their platforms can be integrated into award winning POE plans.

We are looking for someone with an understanding of the FMCG market, strong organisational skills, an ability to transfer insights into ideas and great attention to detail.

Skills Required


  • Connects Channels – Has an understanding of how channels work together
  • Generates New Thinking – Is comfortable at planning and running brainstorm sessions with Exchange/Invention
  • Collaborative – Works collaboratively with Exchange/Invention to create innovative media plans
  • Drives Change – Demonstrates a desire to push challenge the status quo and is alert to new developments in the market
  • Builds Relationships (media owners) – Develops strong relationships with media owners above and beyond the sales teams which result in a positive change in our media plans
  • Builds Relationships (clients) – Confidently sells new thinking to relevant clients
  • Builds Relationships (internal) – Has an extended peer group across all departments that are to the benefit of the comms plan
  • Analytical – Has a solid understanding of all the relevant tools and systems
  • Results Orientated – Understands how KPIs differ across POE touchpoints


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