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A message to clients and consultants: 

So there are different parts to the recruitment process, some we like, some we don’t. Fine tuning how we approach these elements is key to developing and growing WITH your clients.

Meet the Parents

Nobody really likes doing new business. New business is like meeting your partner’s parents for the first time…

You want to make a good impression. At first they may like you, but you most certainly won’t be in the circle of trust; so be prepared for a grilling. They probably preferred the Ex but stick at it. Prove yourself. If it’s worth it and you do what you say you will… some day you could be part of the family. you have the trust of a client and they want you to partner with them and help them grow, this is where it can get really interesting. We all have favourite clients, companies we like to take to market, the ones we’d work for if we were the candidate. Some clients will welcome you with open arms, whereas others treat you as a necessary evil.

One thing we’ve found here at Zulu Bravo is that nurturing the clients who are more cooperative is often better business than fleecing the ones who keep you at arm’s length. Don’t forget, we work for free until we make a placement so work smart, focus where you have the best lines of communication. If you enjoy recruiting for them, you will probably be better at it.

All Hands On Deck

A great way to deepen your ability to sell a client to a candidate and to fill more roles is to regularly educate yourself on their business. You can do this yourself, but why not get help?

Zulu Bravo have a number of great clients that invite us in and present their sales decks to us. Some go through their platform presentations, explain their tech and new products. Having a great digital business tell you how they work with agencies, clients and partners empowers you to educate candidates on what to expect. They know in detail how they will be supported if they join and where the business can take their career.

Keep Up

In the media world of technology and content it is hard to stay in the loop, almost impossible. There is always something new on the market, social, mobile, video, tablet… a constantly moving flow of progress. I personally won’t change my phone from Samsung because it would be like learning to read all over again! Think about it, what phone do you have? Iphone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry… for most of us converting from one to another is like asking us to go from driving a car to a bus! I could do it, but I’d rather not!

That’s how fast technology is moving. So keep up!

This is especially true in recruitment. One minute you’re talking about creative the next programmatic, operations, multi-platform from junior to senior level, all in one morning! You need to be sharp and know the lay of land, at very least for your clients.

Get your trusted clients (or candidates for that matter) to pimp you into that expert you need to be. Present their decks, discuss the market, have a Q and A with your team, anything to help make you an extension of their brand, almost capable of working for them! I know countless recruitment consultants who end up joining their best clients as a sales person. I’ve seen it happen in media owners, video platforms and mobile to name a few. Why? Because they were good enough, not just to recruit for them, but to actually do the jobs they were hiring for!

Make it Count

The better candidates in the market get headhunted weekly, if not daily. Make sure when you get your chance to speak to them about your client you can passionately define WHY they should listen to you over the next guy. If your client appreciates the importance of this, if they are willing to work with you to make sure that moment is fully utilised to promote their business, then you have a great shot at being a success.

If they aren’t willing to help make you the expert you need to be… then maybe it’s time to meet the next set of parents!

James Moran –


Referral Rewards


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Rewa This summer we are running a referral scheme offering rewards up to the amount of £200 of Vouchers of your choice, (within reason) $400 Aus Dollars across Australia and Asia.

Simply send an email to your Zulu Bravo Consultant, copy in your friend or colleague, please write their name in the subject line.  We’ll do the rest!

We are working across loads of exciting positions within the media, advertising and marketing space across the UK, Europe and APAC so plenty of exciting opportunities.

*Referral Rewards are for new candidate referrals only and will be granted if we place the candidate in a role and they are employed within that position for a minimum of 3 months.  

We will need to place the candidate in a role within 2014 for you to receive the £200 worth of vouchers.


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So by now most people who went to the 2014 Cannes Lions Festival should start feeling back to normal and resembling their former selves (unless you’ve just got back from Glastonbury, in which case, power on!)

Just over a week ago, the glamorous French Riviera saw an influx of the world’s media professionals for the annual Cannes Lions Festival, celebrating the best of creative and advertising communications. In particular, this year saw wins for London-based agencies: adam&eveDDB for Harvey Nichols “Sorry, I Spent it on Myself” and OgilvyOne London for British Airways “Magic of Flying”.

It was also the first time that the Zulu Bravo team had  attended the Festival, and to be honest, most of us didn’t really know what to expect- well, mainly me as I hadn’t even been to Cannes before. I was completely surprised by the sheer number of media professionals parading the Palais with their Cannes Lions delegate badges. Working in the heart of the media space in London, you expect to hear the occasional media jargon thrown around when you walk down the street, a “programmatic”, “RTB” or names of agencies which obviously makes a recruiter turn their head; however, Cannes took that to a whole new level. It literally felt like we were in a media bubble, which made more sense when you look at the figures: 12,000 delegates, visitors from 94 countries, 574 journalists, 2,000,000 visitors to Despite the sheer scale of the event, it was great to see a sense of familiarity and community between all the visitors. During the day, there would be loads of seminars and events to attend. The Zulu Bravo team were kindly invited to join the Adknowledge team at their cabana on the first day, which was a great introduction to the Festival and allowed us to meet a number of agency professionals, and also a yacht salesman (only in Cannes…). Of course, the hottest place of all to be after 12am was Croisette 72. Never heard of it? How about its other name, Gutter Bar!

What can I tell you about the Gutter Bar, except for the fact that it couldn’t be more aptly named. Ironically, this is where most of the business and introductions take place. After the glitz of dinners at The Carlton or an evening at a sponsored party, everyone ends up at the Gutter Bar, everyone!! All of them spilling out on to the pavement until sunrise (and because of this, it seems that the true winners at the Cannes Lions Festival are the owners of that bar). Imagine CEO’s, MD’s, Founders of notable creative, tech and media companies around the world all huddled into one area with their respective teams and clients. In the space of 2 hours I had bumped into people from: The Guardian, Unilever, Integral Ad Science, Exchange Lab, Specific Media, BrightRoll, The Drum just to name a few. It’s not that I was ‘star struck’ per se, just overwhelmed- I think by now you’ll realise that I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to these large networking events. The biggest surprise came when I found myself standing next to one of the founder of BrightRoll at 4am, a client of ours that we have worked very closely with for the last year. To date, I’ve only spoken to the HR team at BrightRoll so it was a surreal moment, to say the least, when I was suddenly helping him find the owner of a major agency (especially when I didn’t even know what they looked like). Hopefully, it wasn’t too bad of a first meeting, and he did accept my LinkedIn request so I guess that’s a good enough sign!

This was immediately followed by bumping into another one of our clients, who we were scheduled to meet for lunch in the next 7 hours! It’s fair to say that everyone had their shades on the next morning- funnily enough, all of us sporting the Ray Ban look.

Our four day trip to Cannes seems like a lifetime ago now with all the meetings, networking, client lunches, birthday celebrations, food and football all blurred into one. Having spent a week in Cannes, I’m sure most of the people who went have their fair share of stories to tell (or not?). Be it accidently buying a £400 bottle of wine or just about making the cab to the airport at 7:30am after an hours sleep. We’d love to hear some of your stories, if you dare to share!

On a final note, and on behalf of the whole ZB team, we just want to say a big thank you to: Specific Media, Integral Ad Science, BrightRoll, Adknowledge, The Drum, The Exchange Lab, Matt Walcott (Cannes Lions Organiser)and B Pub for the warm welcome, decently priced drinks and excellent birthday celebration for James (we definitely recommend this place)!

Here are some of ZB’s snaps:



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NOW! That was easy wasn’t it?


In truth if you were curious enough to take a look at a blog post that has the title like this then chances are you have already been considering whether it’s worth weighing up your options.

This is not to say that you are looking to leave your current company, you are probably at a company that you have been at for a long time. However if you have been at your current employment for a year or more the industry will have changed a lot since you last were looking and so, a moment to take stock is usually a good idea.

So you have now decided that you would like to have gander at the market, congratulations that’s step 1 complete! You now are faced with 2 choices. The first will be to use a recruiter or to look yourself. Both have their plus points and both have their negatives of which there has been a plethora of articles, blogs and websites that have made them very widely known.

The issue is that you almost need to choose either one or the other. Recruiters are instantly nullified if they are trying to send you for a role you have applied for directly but in truth they might have more influence over that same company beyond a CV and cover letter as they have a relationship with the hiring manager. On the other hand the companies would prefer you didn’t because they have to shell out if you get the job. It is a tough decision. I would use a recruiter but I’m biased!

One way or another you have decided, now it’s time to sort your CV. There are so many catastrophic mistakes that candidates fall down on and seeing how the CV is basically a snapshot into your life it could be the difference between that dream job and temping at a fast-food “restaurant” just to keep afloat…ok it’s not that bad, but pretty bad. CVs should be 2 pages max, it should be clear, concise and tailored to each specific job and devoid of any irrelevant red herrings that distract the hiring manager! Evidence and facts are always helpful as it backs up your claims with quantifiable achievements and give you so much more credibility. The number 1 cardinal sin, however, for a CV is to have spelling mistakes! I come across them far too often and it just leaves me thinking that the guilty candidate hasn’t paid any attention to detail which could cost him or her a job.

So you have a kick-ass CV, a superstar recruiter, now begins the hard work. Once you get an interview the whole process gets ramped up a notch! One of the biggest misconceptions people have with interviews is that it’s some battle with the interviewer over supremacy of the meeting room like something out of Rocky. It is really a 2-way process.

7x03 Brain animated GIF

You should be just as quizzical as to the role and the company as the interviewer is about you and your experience. This is a place that you are going to be spending your days for the foreseeable future so it had better be worth your life! You will probably (definitely) see your colleagues more than your family so it would be stupid to not get it all checked out. It’s also worth noting that the interviewer might be your boss one day so you need to understand what they are looking for! Come prepared with some key questions to ask them, show that you have done your homework on previous work. You need to know what you would be doing, even if you have a good idea already. You need to know what the company is like to work for.

2/3 interviews down and then suddenly you have an offer for that job! Congrats! Your recruiter can then negotiate salary for you if needed as well as make sure everything is signed, sealed and delivered with nothing left to sort.

All that’s left to do is to resign, breaking up is always tough, but your employer will understand…or wont, but you have a new job so it’s ok…

….best to leave on a good note though.


If you fancy a chat about your next move or are looking for some amazing new recruits that tick all of the boxes give me a call on 020 7240 2618 or email me at

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A Guide for Grads

You’ve survived the terror of an 8.30 am lecture, the sports club initiations, the weekly conundrum between food or alcohol and most importantly the dissertation dash. Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication has paid off and you’re graduating. Time to find the job you’ve spent the last three years working towards.

Media is one of the most competitive industry’s to break into. Not to scare you. So here at Zulu Bravo we have complied some advice to ensure you job search goes smoothly.

Get Hired Using Social Media

Yes seriously, despite what you parents have told you for the last twenty years those hours (and hours and hours…) spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything else will come in handy.

  • First things first if you don’t have it already, you need a Linkedin. This is basically the Facebook for the professional world and a great way to connect with would be employers, see what jobs are vacant at the moment and build up your professional network.
  • Twitter is also a great way to connect with employers.  Take a look at  what’s going on within their network at the moment and send them an informal tweet. Great way to stand out from the rest and what have you got to lose? Please make sure you scan your personal accounts beforehand. Do you really want to a potential employee to see you’re what you get up to at 4am on a Saturday night! No… we didn’t think so. You could even make an account just for professional use.
  • Social Media is great for some informal research on companies. Take a look and see what they have been doing lately, maybe they have just won a new client, or completed a run for charity. Who knows but would be a brilliant conversation starter at an interview and also will show that you are actually interested in the company.

Make sure you include a cover letter

People often forget to create a cover letter but we really can’t stress enough how important it is to include one. Cover letters are a great way for the employer to get an idea about what your personality is like as well as your background. It’s a brilliant way to really show your passion in the role and how eager you are.  It also is a great way to stand out from the other CVs.

Make sure you are professional in you interview

We know the last three years you have lived in alternate universe, where jogging bottoms are appropriate for every occasion but please try to remember that this no long applies! Whether we like it or not what you’re wearing is the first thing a hiring manager will judge you on. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your interview. Dressing appropriately doesn’t mean a suit, but just make sure you look smart. Even if you feel the company has a relaxed dress code still make an effort. Lastly make sure you wear something you are comfortable in, as if you don’t feel comfortable this will come across in the interview.

Get in Touch with a Recruiter

Recruiters constantly have roles on that they can keep you up to date with. They also know a lot about their clients and roles so can give you information and advice to help you choose the sector you want to go into as well as prep before going into an interview. They might think a role would be great for you that you haven’t even considered, this might be your way in. So hear them out, no harm will come from exploring all opportunities!

Don’t get discouraged

Lastly, don’t get discouraged! You will be applying for hundreds of jobs, don’t let this get you down and stay as upbeat and positive as possible. Don’t wait for a job to come to you, you need to keep going! If you see a gap in the market take it, it might not be directly what you wanted but will give you invaluable experience that will help you get your dream job!

Good Luck…

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Interview Tips to Land a Developer Job – Allister Burns

Allister Burns

Now these tips certainly don’t apply for every developer job interview but are a good place to start and can be tailored to match the job you are going for. Many epic developers sometimes struggle with job interviews because they spend to much time focusing on what they are truly passionate about, technology and development, rather than prepping how to express their passion in an interview.

  1. Get a pro to write your CV – recruitment consultants see 1000s of Cvs per day and know what looks good and what doesn’t more importantly if they have a good relationship with their client they will know what they like.
  2. Know you interviewer – he/she will know you! They will have checked your Linkedin, code, git hub, portfolio so check their background, how long they have been at the company and their role, you never know, they may have worked with someone you know in the past (this can be a good or bad thing obviously)
  3. Answer questions with a passion – one word or textbook answers simply won’t do! Make sure you relate it to your experience, projects you’ve worked on, sites you have built. Take a laptop / tablet with your portfolio and code samples.
  4. Prep for awkward questions – “why are you looking for a new opportunity?” “What is your greatest strength and weakness?” You can prep for these by simply answering the question before the interviewer asks it!
  5. Don’t lie! – If you don’t know something, don’t make an answer up, especially if it is a technical question. Try and think of how you would approach this problem and break down your answer, sound logical.
  6. Know you Computer Science basics – brush up on basic HTML and CSS if it required in the job for example. The foundations are essential.

Follow these simple steps and it’ll be a breeze…he says.

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The Media Agency to Recruitment – and Everywhere in Between!


Louisa Cutting


Agency – Ladies who Lunch


I started within the big world of media at the mere age of 18!!!  All bright eyed and bushy tailed, starting my first “proper” job at Carat London as an admin assistant.  I couldn’t believe my luck and couldn’t quite grasp the fact that as well as working hard you’d get to go out being wined and dined in some of London’s most exclusive restaurants, as well as the ski jollies and media parties – that was it - I was hooked and knew that this was the industry for me!  


Magazines – The Gossip Girl


After 3 years over at Carat and progressively working my way up to an exec level I then moved over to what people called “the dark side” aka media sales. 
I started over at Northern and Shell, working across the celebrity portfolio of OK!, New! and Star Magazine.   I enjoyed my time there and loved staying in contact with all my agency friends and being able to deal with them on a day-to-day basis and it was great to then be able to socialise with them at lunch or after work to say thanks for their business.  
Australia – Media Backpacker


After just under 3 years over at Northern and Shell I then took the plunge and decided that I’d like to take some time to broaden my horizons and travel Australia.   I travelled round Oz for 6 months then decided to settle there and got a job at ACP Magazines (now Bauer Media) working across their whole portfolio of magazines.  It was pretty much like home from home – a lot of my old mates from agencies in London had fled out there with the same idea.  I worked there for a year and then decided that London was calling me home… 


National Press – The Matchmaker


I then thought I’d try my hand at newspaper sales and started over at Telegraph Media Group where I was for just over a year then decided it was time for a change – with my background in both agency and sales, I was often asked who I could recommend for vacancies advertising agency side and media owner side therefore, it seemed like a natural transition for me to move into media recruitment.


Recruitment – The Matchmaker


Zulu Bravo have been good enough to give me the opportunity to delve into the recruitment world and put my knowledge of the media industry and my contacts to good use!  I have now been here for just over a month… I’m still learning the ropes but am confident that this was the right move and am looking forward to what the future holds in store for both me and the company!


So if you have experience in agency, magazines, national press, digital or a desire to move to Australia – Contact me at

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         Al  Luciano

              Allister Burns                            Luciano Marucco

As the Zulu Bravo team expands both in London and across APAC, I wanted to introduce the two newest members of the London team who are both working across our growing sectors of the business!

Allister Burns is our Development and Tech specialist. Allister started his recruitment career working for Premier Group where he gained invaluable experience working with prestigious agencies and brands, building strong relationships within the space.  Allister also spent time working at Incendiary Blue where he managed key clients and a team of Developers.

Allister is our resident Geordie, a keen surfer and surfing instructor (although we don’t really have the weather for it in the UK)!

Allister would be happy to help with any Developer/ Tech vacancies you may have:                                                                   0207 240 2618


Luciano Marucco has joined as our Creative recruitment specialist!  Luciano has over 5 years of recruitment experience in both Barcelona and London.  Luciano has joined us from Major Players where he specialised in the Digital Creative space, working with a range of agencies, publishers and brands.  Luciano also has experience working at Adecco, Hays and Haztek International.

Luciano is a culture fiend who loves attending live music gigs, exploring London and visiting exhibitions, as well as a keen Real Madrid fan!

Luciano would be happy to help with any Creative positions you may be recruiting for:                                                                        0207 240 2618




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To do New Business or to Account Manage: that is the question.


If I asked you what a typical recruitment consultant’s day involves the list would probably include the following: using LinkedIn and any other available sources to proactively approach/annoy potential candidates; calling and trying to establish contact with these candidates; receiving job briefs from Hiring Managers and providing relevant CVs in an attempt to fill these job briefs; arranging interviews; and managing the rest of interview process. You’d be right. However, I have been in the recruitment industry for just over a year now, and whilst all of these actions do form part of my regular responsibilities, there are also other tasks that I am bound to consider in order to do my job effectively and which require more subtle ‘juggling’ than the rest of my role.

Deciding whether to actively seek out New Business which eats in to the time available to you to manage your current client accounts effectively, so that you keep your clients happy, is a difficult decision to make (one that is definitely capable of giving you a bit of a headache). Both are very time-consuming, important, and necessary aspects of the role, and which you focus your attention on is often dictated by the ever-changing needs of the business.


The importance of New Business is, I assume, rather obvious; a Recruitment Agency can only turn a profit by filling roles, and we can only fill roles if we have them to fill in the first place. Whilst there are always regular clients, asking for your help, the amount of roles you have at any one time cannot be controlled nor second-guessed (despite how much we try). Recruiters, therefore, need to be continually chasing New Business, ensuring that there are always roles to work on, and that our ‘pool doesn’t dry up’ so to speak. Finding new business isn’t as easy as picking up the phone and saying ‘Hello, please let me work on your roles…’ (It would be amazing if it was!). It requires some pretty serious prep; knowing about the company, their clients, the types of candidates they would require, not to mention extreme perseverance to ensure you actually speak to the person you need to. But even knowing all that isn’t enough – the real challenge is making your Agency stand out from the rest. And that requires some serious leg work, ingenuity and creativity; although being in the right place at the right time also helps.


On the other side of the coin is looking after the accounts and Clients that you already have. Again this probably seems obvious, but it is something that could easily be overlooked with everything else that suddenly appears on your to-do list. The key here is to keep the client happy and to maintain an effective working relationship. This involves keeping them up to date on the way that resourcing for their roles is progressing, regular catch ups to stay on top of what changes they are going through, and making sure you are aware of any media trends that will affect your ability to fill their roles. When listing it in this format – it doesn’t seem like a lot, but if, as is very common on the agency side, you are working on 50 plus roles, speaking to 50 different hiring managers and numerous internal recruitment teams, you quickly realise that you could spend all day just doing account management. The danger is that the more time you spend looking after your clients, the less time you have for New Business, resourcing for candidates etc… This matters less if you have more roles than you can shake a stick, or candidate, at, but as roles can be filled at any time, it is imperative to keep new business options open.


It is undoubtedly a subtle art to continually balance the two competing needs of New Business and account management but somebody has got to do it! Essentially you have to keep your clients happy and be continually looking for revenue pipelines for the business, alongside all the other day-to-day requirements of the role, and I haven’t even touched on your responsibilities towards your candidates! Being a successful recruitment consultant involves serious forward planning, the ability to be efficient, and most importantly the ability to be adaptable and flexible in response to Business needs. Like I said, a challenge.

And now for my blatant New Business attempt: if you are currently recruiting within the Media Space – Zulu Bravo can help. Please contact me on and I shall be more than happy to discuss your business needs!


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In October last year I made up my mind to make the jump into recruitment. I had long toyed with the idea but had always stopped short of making the leap.

Before joining Zulu Bravo, I was lucky enough to work at PHD as a planner and spent a very happy 2 and a half years there, working with a fantastic team on some great clients. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and learnt a great deal. However like most people, I wanted to see what else was available to me and so, after a short spell with a digital creative agency, I took the plunge into recruitment.

Some people, not all, thought it was a strange decision. After all it’s an industry full of soulless, money grabbing sharks, all the gear, no idea sorts – at least that’s what the stereotype leads you to believe.

However I didn’t make this move with my eyes closed. I was fully aware of how challenging and competitive the job would be. You get knock backs on a daily basis, so to say you need the perseverance of Rocky in Rocky III (his toughest fight in my humble opinion, probably worthy of a new blog altogether) is an understatement.

There were two main reasons why I wanted to become a recruiter, head-hunter, career consultant, take your pick, they all mean the same thing:
1) Help people find a better job and subsequently making someone’s life a little bit better in the process.
2) Remain in the media sector, because let’s be honest, it’s one of the most exciting, fast moving, innovative and challenging industries going.
Prior to recruitment and as I already pointed out, I was lucky enough to work for some great companies, with awesome people who did brilliant work. However the longer my career went on I always felt I was never truly satisfied with my lot and finally gave into my gut and pursued the recruitment route.

5 months on and I am very much enjoying my start to life at Zulu Bravo. As I always suspected the myths of recruiters being a bunch of mercenary types, wide boy Rickys and tantastic Tania’s has been unequivocally proved to be a load of old tripe. Sure like most industries, you’ll always get a bad egg, but the vast majority of people do it right. To put it simply, they are just good people, trying their best to help other fellow good people find a job that will make them more content. Quite simple really.

If you’re happy with your job then great, but if you think your situation could be a bit better, then by all means get in touch for an informal chat and a Capri-Sun on me.
0207 240 2618