Zulu Bravos Guide for Grads

June 2nd, 2014

A Guide for Grads

You’ve survived the terror of an 8.30 am lecture, the sports club initiations, the weekly conundrum between food or alcohol and most importantly the dissertation dash. Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication has paid off and you’re graduating. Time to find the job you’ve spent the last three years working towards.

Media is one of the most competitive industry’s to break into. Not to scare you. So here at Zulu Bravo we have complied some advice to ensure you job search goes smoothly.

Get Hired Using Social Media

Yes seriously, despite what you parents have told you for the last twenty years those hours (and hours and hours…) spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything else will come in handy.

  • First things first if you don’t have it already, you need a Linkedin. This is basically the Facebook for the professional world and a great way to connect with would be employers, see what jobs are vacant at the moment and build up your professional network.
  • Twitter is also a great way to connect with employers.  Take a look at  what’s going on within their network at the moment and send them an informal tweet. Great way to stand out from the rest and what have you got to lose? Please make sure you scan your personal accounts beforehand. Do you really want to a potential employee to see you’re what you get up to at 4am on a Saturday night! No… we didn’t think so. You could even make an account just for professional use.
  • Social Media is great for some informal research on companies. Take a look and see what they have been doing lately, maybe they have just won a new client, or completed a run for charity. Who knows but would be a brilliant conversation starter at an interview and also will show that you are actually interested in the company.

Make sure you include a cover letter

People often forget to create a cover letter but we really can’t stress enough how important it is to include one. Cover letters are a great way for the employer to get an idea about what your personality is like as well as your background. It’s a brilliant way to really show your passion in the role and how eager you are.  It also is a great way to stand out from the other CVs.

Make sure you are professional in you interview

We know the last three years you have lived in alternate universe, where jogging bottoms are appropriate for every occasion but please try to remember that this no long applies! Whether we like it or not what you’re wearing is the first thing a hiring manager will judge you on. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your interview. Dressing appropriately doesn’t mean a suit, but just make sure you look smart. Even if you feel the company has a relaxed dress code still make an effort. Lastly make sure you wear something you are comfortable in, as if you don’t feel comfortable this will come across in the interview.

Get in Touch with a Recruiter

Recruiters constantly have roles on that they can keep you up to date with. They also know a lot about their clients and roles so can give you information and advice to help you choose the sector you want to go into as well as prep before going into an interview. They might think a role would be great for you that you haven’t even considered, this might be your way in. So hear them out, no harm will come from exploring all opportunities!

Don’t get discouraged

Lastly, don’t get discouraged! You will be applying for hundreds of jobs, don’t let this get you down and stay as upbeat and positive as possible. Don’t wait for a job to come to you, you need to keep going! If you see a gap in the market take it, it might not be directly what you wanted but will give you invaluable experience that will help you get your dream job!

Good Luck…

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